Anything Chaz Bono can do, Kathlyn Beatty-cum-Bening can do. Better. If not necessarily bigger.

Mister or sister?

First there was little dogs in handbags, then sex-tapes, then DUI arrests, then getting out of cars flashing your twanny, then Kabbalah/Scientology/some spiritual bollocks or other, then lesbianism, then Oprah, then anti-Semitism (Mel Gibson), then anti-gayism (the Pope, Mel Gibson), then adopting black babies, then helping out in Haiti, then Celebrity Come Dine With Me, then believing the hype (Kylie, Miley, anything ending in ‘ee’), then replacing normal teeth with teeth the size of a house and the colour of very white lily, then crying on Piers Morgan, then dying, then general cuntiness (no brackets in the world are big enough).

Now, the latest trend in look at me!-ness in the world of famous famouses is putting your progeny through gender realignment. Or is it reassignment? Or redistribution? Or just shake it about a bit and something will drop off?

Hot on the heels of Cher off-of Cher doll, Warren Beatty off-of shagged three billion women and Annette Bening off-of two n’s then just the one, have decided to mix it up a little bit with their eldest.

Kathlyn, aged something, will go from a *checks* female lady to a *checks* male one.

The parents are thought to be devastated. Whatever for?

But finally, an explanation for this.

Oh, by the bisexual, the picture on the right is Kathlyn’s entry for Guys with iPhones.


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