Take those ridiculous pants off immediately. All off.

Off. All off.

Never let it be said we don’t like pants. Quite often – which is not as often as really often but more frequent than seldom, much more frequent – we prefer a gennelman in his pants rather than out of them. It’s the highly researched combination of potential and tease combined with the sometimes crashing reality of a not very pretty penis. 

Which brings us to Saturday evening, when we were standing and pointing at this very gennelman in this picture. It was outside the Dolce & Gabbana party in London’s glittering if slightly drizzly Milan and said very gennelman was hovering with other gennelmens – including our very own boyfriend David Gandy who seemed to have the hump – in what can only be described as dinner jackets. We actually have no idea where this is going but what we would like to say is those pants up there are particularly ‘orrible, even though the rest of the D&G clobber was quite nice and less whorey than as per. Mind you, seeing as Granny Lennox was playing live in the background no-one was actually looking at the clothes.

And even though it was all about the Burberry show. Clingy leather trousers, studs, plunging fishneck jumpers and the sexiest leather jacket you ever did see. And a bag so heavy that we were doing biceps exercises with it backstage, whilst mouthing the words ‘peas and carrots, peas and carrots’ seeing as a camera was on us at the time. (It’s a hard knock life, etc.)

And Peaches Geldof was at the D&G party. 

*stocks plummet*

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3 comments to “Take those ridiculous pants off immediately. All off.”

  1. as a very big fan of the pant,and somewhat of an officianado, i can concur that these are absolute shockers.

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  2. dont forget to take that RIDICULOUS patch of hair he has around the chest looks awful either you have it or dont he doesnt wax of your 3 chest hairs jeez! make it hotter

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  3. Not flattering!! They look a bit vintage, which is NOT a good thing in the underwear department!!

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