Jesus is coming. Get the tissues ready!

Hoovering as we speak

According to our Americanino friends, Jesus is coming! Hooray etc. Perhaps now the Pope will get the kick up the cunt he so royally deserves.

Yes, non-believers, according to a recent survey in the US and A, by the Pew Research Center For The People and The Press/Smithsonian Magazine, 41% of Americans think that Jesus will be making the second leg of his return trip by 2050. Which gives us like 40 years to get this place licked into shape.

You paint the skirting board, we’re going to clean out those kitchen cupboards.

The same survey found that they believe there will be a cure for cancer by the time LBJ (Little Baby Jesus) returns (he could have laid hands on and everything) and that only 48% of Republicans believe in global warming.

So, now you know.

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3 comments to “Jesus is coming. Get the tissues ready!”

  1. How pissed will they be when he comes back and they find out he is a gay. Look at that blouse, anyone ever seen a straight man wearing that kind of fashion?

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  2. Well they will have a cure for cancer and Jesus will already be here! Why pray for a miracle when science and in essence Darwin will solve cancer. My luck I will get cancer, then get a cure and then sent straight to Hell by a man in a flowy robe. DAMN!

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  3. If there was a god, there would have been no Holocaust, no Aids, no Twin Towers terror, no plague, no birth defects … my boyfriend would be alive and my co-worker wouldn’t be dying painfully of cancer. What has Jesus/god/Allah done for YOU? In brighter news, I saw two *cute* Mormon missionaries on the bus yesterday. ‘Elders’? They looked literally 16. Fun to look at though.

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