Sit up straight! Honestly, dollies these days…

Missing something?

Welcome to backstage at last week’s D&G show in Milan.


The one where Granny Lennox played live so no-one actually looked at the clothes.

*curtseys again; seems the right thing to do*

Segue: A bell just rang outside which sounded like the beginning of ‘Hung Up’. Talk about dangling the carrot.

If you notice the model, male up there – hair in rollers, Blackberry in hand (working mum!), stripped down to his lily whites with bugger all to show for it (maybe it’s the pre-show nerves/coke [a-cola!]), last bit of Veet on his long Lindas to remove all known male-ness from his body – he is… Oh, we’ve actually said all we have to say on the matter.

Except c) and d).

After the break, you’ll find more pictures of models, male backstage at the D&G show. They are more interesting than the one up there because the mens are topless, David Gandy’s in there doing his one look, and there’s some bald bloke who was in the Jean-Paul Gaultier le Male ad (we think. Workie’s taken the day off) who might well be our future ex-husband. And who we actually said hello to last week in Milan and pretended we knew him. Which maybe we do.

Hello David 'One Trick' Gandy 'Ere, he's off that Next advert...! We look fat, fat, fat in this picture!

And there’s even more D&G backstage-ness here.

*curtseys, and not for the first time either*

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  1. Obviously it’s irrelevent, but I quite like the clothes.

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