Honey, have you been working out?

We would quicker than a rat up a really baggy drain

Duncan James off-of Blue has obviously realised that if he’s going to get down with the gays (remember he came out as bisexual recently), he’s going to have to shape up, Ricky Martin-style. It is the law and we are strict enforcers.

Here he is laughing it up in Bali (which we think shows a bit of a lack of imagination) with bgf Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Whom we love almost as much as Duncan, mainly for her madness, impeccable manners and ability to jump two-footed onto her own coffee table the minute anyone plays a Beyonce record.

We probably love Duncan more though, largely *pats hair in style of Mae West* because he was known as Nelly when he was in Blue, after Nelly the Elephant.

‘Fucking enormous’ was how lovely band-mate Lee Ryan described it. And he should know: he’s had threesomes with Nelly.

*wees, finds colour of wee is white*

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3 comments to “Honey, have you been working out?”

  1. He’s also wearing the uniform of a muscle mary. Tatoo ‘n’ all. Beads ‘n’ all.

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  2. I often wonder why I’m single … its nice to have a reminder that I’m saving myself for Duncan/

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  3. Woah Nelly :) He should definitely get it out so we can see for ourselves

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