Who would you get to play this… erm, this… erm, person in a movie?


Well, Myra Hindley’s dead, so it can’t be her. Rose West is probably too old and fat by now. Christine Bleakley can’t speak English properly. Kylie can’t act…

Stop right there. Pull it back. Meryl Streep! Perfect. She has a pointy nose and has played villainesses before (the nun in Doubt, the… can’t think of any more).

And just as great minds think alike some great mind has thought alike to our great mind and got – guess who! – Meryl Streep to sign up to play – guess what! – Margaret Thatcher, famous Milk Snatcher. Also famous cunt.

Directed by Phyllida Law of Mamma Mia fame (oh!) and co-starring Jim Broadbent off-of Moulin Rouge as husband Dennis, it will be set in the run-up to the Falklands War.

*lighting cigarette in post-coital stylee* Yes, we remember it well.

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3 comments to “Who would you get to play this… erm, this… erm, person in a movie?”

  1. Directed by Phyllida Law – makes you want to run out and wait in line now doesn’t it. It might be a jolly war musical though – “fu#k the Falklands” with Margaret Thatcher singing number 1 songs of 1982. In fact “Bucks Fizz’s “the Land Of Make Believe” was written in response to Ms Thatcher according to the writer Pete Sinfeld. Other #1 tunes from 1982 for the movie – Do You Really want To Hurt Me, A Town Called Malice. Happy Talk and Eurovision hit A Little Peace.

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  2. I would have gone with Tilda Swinton. Loves me some Tilda!

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  3. ‘The land of make believe’ is my second favourite Bucks Fizz song after ‘My camera never lies’.

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