Less of the touching…

Er, hello?

Christine Bleakley – the poster girl for mediocrity – is here seen touching the middle part of Frank Lampard, who we hear is a footballer.

We like what he’s done to his shorts.

Now it comes as a worry and a tradge when the Daily Mail decides to take a dislike to someone, as it appears they have done with Christine Bleakley. They are even suggesting she’s ruthless.

Call a woman a cunt but ruthless?

And that’s twice we’ve had to use italics today.

*lies down*

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2 comments to “Less of the touching…”

  1. Whose teeth do you think those are that she wears?

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  2. What is it with ITV’s obsession with employing people everybody detests? Even my dad hates this woman and he loves everyone.
    ‘That bloody Irish woman,’ he calls her. And he never swears, so you know he means business.

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