Come to dadda!

Spray us down, baby

Christiano Ronaldo, seen here perfecting his famous Cliff Richard impression while simultaneously spraying someone right down, is now a father. As in someone’s dad.

Apparently it was some American bird he knocked up who a). doesn’t want to be identified (he ain’t that bad, love) and b). doesn’t really want a baby, what with her busy career as a… what?

Enter Ronaldo (we’d love to!) who has said that if she can get the baby over to Portugal from whence he hails, he’ll look after it. Or he’ll pay someone else to look after it (which we think is probably the more likely outcome). Maybe even his mum or sisters.
And we salute him for his decency. With several body parts.

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2 comments to “Come to dadda!”

  1. I propose that this method of conception become known as ‘doing a Ricky Martin’. I wonder who his boyfriend is? In my mind he’s not dissimilar to Agador Spartacus from the Birdcage.

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  2. I wish he was my daddy, but I mean that in a dirty way, not just fatherhood.

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