What a funny old Spidey!

Does whatever a spider can, apparently!

So there you are, casting Spider Man, the glories of Hollywood youth spread out before you (let your mind play with that thought for a moment). Who’s it going to be? There can surely be no shortage of American male crumpet willing to let you do what you want to them for the gig of a lifetime.

But no!

An English actor. One no one even in England has really heard of (though he was very good in Boy A, about a released child killer). His name *has to actually check for his name. Actually takes the trouble. A career in journalism surely beckons* Andrew Garfield, no relation to the cheeky ginger cat of the same name. No, not Andrew. Garfield.

He won out over Aaron Johnson of Kick-Ass fame and the original Billy Elliott, Jamie Bell, who has buffed up and everything.

It all makes no difference to us as we wouldn’t be caught dead or even dying in any cinema showing a Spidey Man film.

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