It’s that bloke off Glee


Things to note about this picture is that Bloke Off Glee is wearing horrible shorts. A no-colour colour and exposed stitching. Whatever for?

He has decent nipples, so swings, roundabouts, fish, chips and mushy peas.

Know what else it new? You should never sleep with your head in the crook of your arm. These are the things you learn listening to Sarah Kennedy on Her Majesty’s Second BBC Radio of a morning. No explanation was actually given.

We’ve also decided to wear our hair to the left today.

*workie hands over folded piece of paper; he-she started early; keen. Folded piece of paper reads, ‘Help. Me’; workie gets slap*

There’s another picture of Bloke off Glee after the break, this time in a lily-white towel that he’s wearing as a high-wasted article of clothing. Again, really, whatever for? He’s accompanied by another bloke who is wearing blue non-comedy comedy sunglasses and doing the ‘V’ sign, which means he must be a ‘dude’.

*workie hands over folded piece of paper; folded piece of paper reads, ‘Mark Salling’; looooooong silence*


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  1. mm nipple ring nough said….and he has that tough he can beat ur ass look makes him even hotter mmmm

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