Jean Nouvel’s Serpentine Pavilion. Well, it’s very red.

Red, though, isn't it?

It’s a summer institution. Like Wimbledon. And Glasto’bury. And the Chelsea Flower Show. And hanging around in the bushes behind Jack Straw’s Castle up on Hampstead Heath. And strawberries and cream. And passing out on the Tube. And going down to revealing Speedos at the Men’s Pond. And getting drunken on the streets of Soho (that’s actually quite year-round, that one)…

It is… the Serpentine Pavilion.

What it is is… a top architect (no, not Brad Pitt) is commissioned to create what is known as a pavilion. Not quite a building and yet, cunningly, not quite NOT a building either. But not a tent. Or a Wendy House.

Withinside of this pavilion champagnes will be served, corporate parties thrown, lectures given… you know, summer stuff.

This year it has fallen to top (well, it says top here though we hear he has bottom written right through him like a stick of Brighton rock – we’re making that up for the sake of comedy, by the way. Don’t know a damn thing about the man) Frenchie architect Jean Nouvel, who did that lovely ‘Condom’ building in Barcelona.

And very lovely it is too. If you like red.

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