Lindsay Lohan is going down. And not in the usual way either!

Would you like an Autumn Shades tissue?

Yes, ’tis true. Lindsay Lohan is going down (no, not in that way). Doing bird (no, not in that way). Doing porridge (no, not in that way). Becoming a Bad Girl (no, not in that way).

And to make matters worse (or better. Or funnier, at least), she went to court with the words ‘fuck’ and ‘you’ written on her middle fingernail so she could flip the bird (no, not in that way) to the judge when he sent her ass to the big house (no, not in… actually that one doesn’t work).

Her crime and misdemeanour? We can’t actually work it out. Something to do with drugs and probation and… something else. 

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  1. Oh, honey … it’s 90 days. It’s character-building and an interesting bit to include in your autobiography. Boy George did it with incredible grace; you can, too.

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