Now there’s a face to send a shiver up a spine *shiver goes up spine*


Yes, it’s Russell Brand bumming Dame Helen Mirren from behind, thinking no one would notice (especially DHM: there’s another shot from this where the bulge in his powder blue trousies looks, erm, minnowish…)

It’s actually an out-take from Arthur (we’re still not on-board: you don’t replace Liza Minnelli with an unknown), where DHM is playing the John Gielgud butler character.

Strict teetotaler Russell reprises his one and only role in any film you care to watch as a freewheeling drunk. Which we find interesting. There must be enough real drunks who could take that part and it seems to us that at least those people are putting the work in *twizzles vodka and soda with two slices of lime with twizzle stick*

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  1. Both faces (people) send shivers up my spine!!!!

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