Gays allowed to marry in the UK! Don’t worry about it, Simon Hughes. We’re fine as we are.

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, Ooooooh

So, one of the clever things New Labour did when they got Civil Partnerships for the gays through Parliament was to not call it marriage. That way, when all the crazy men in long flowing robes got up in arms, they could say, ‘Fuck off, child molester! It’s got nothing to do with you!’ Or words to that effect.

A couple of gays – uppity ones! – worried that Civil Partnership wasn’t the same as marriage but it was, so they could shut up.

Now, that nice Simon Hughes person from the Liberal Democrats, has said that the gays will be able to ‘marry’ by the end of this parliament. Really love, don’t worry about it.

Obviously, that won’t mean the gays can get married in church, in case statues of the Virgin Mary start crying blood or somesuch, but they will be able to get ‘married’.

‘The state ought to give equality,’ he sayeth, while flicking through Brides and Briding Magazine. ‘We’re halfway there. I think we ought to be able to get there in this parliament.’

Hate to get picky but we’re more than halfway there. We are all the way there with every single right that married straights have. And if anyone thinks that they’re getting another fricking present out of us or that we’re going to dance with their Auntie Mary to By the Rivers of Babylon again, they have another think in the post.

Mind you, it’s got the readers of the Daily Cunt in a froth of fury, so maybe we will take it!

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  1. I’d rather be CP-ed any day. But that’s maybe because I’m into Corporal Punishment.

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