Oh, the things we could tell you about Christina – all good – if only we had a decent lawyer!

Oversing it girl!

Well, that first single sort of came and went (except at Tel Aviv Pride where it was second only to GaGa’s Alejandro and ahead of someone’s All The Lovers). So, moving swiftly on to the second, written by the lovely Sia off-of Australia and lesbian.

‘Her songs are so introverted and so vulnerable, when you listen to her lyrics, they’re just so raw that I’m thinking, ‘Wow, she must be this serious person’,’ sayeth Tina, while flicking through a magazine in just seven-inch house-heels and a babydoll (probably).

‘I was all nervous. My husband has to be the one to nudge me and say, ‘Honey, if you like her that much, why don’t you just call her and work with her.’ … So when I met her for the first time, she was nothing like I had thought. Just super high energy and fun and up.’

We found her to be exactly that (don’t worry if you asked her a question: we’re posting when she’s releasing). And if her tongue slipped and she let out some secrets about Xtina, then it’s all good and between friends.

Wish we could tell you. If you bump into us, buy us a vodka and soda (plenty of ice and two limes – it’s all about two limes) and you might just loosen our tongues. And our trousers if you buy us a second.

Anyways, the new single is called You Lost Me and because of Vevo or somesuch, we can’t bring it to you in the U of K (US and A can get it), so you’ll have to make do with this ‘making of’ nonsense over the jump…

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