Quite nice, isn’t it? The blackcurrant. Smart for town.

I was thinking Rouge Noir!

Even the son of God needs a little me time every once in a while, which is why we catch him here – it’s probably a paparazzi shot – getting a little mani-pedi action before another busy day raising the dead, multiplying loaves and fishes and, most importantly, turning water into wine (actually, ours is a vodka soda with two limes! Doubles if you can stretch to it.)

*workie runs in waving a piece of paper, newsflash style* This is actually not your actual Lord Baby Jesus but a model posing as LBJ in a series of shots by one David LaChapelle for i-D magazine called Jesus Is My Homeboy.

See the rest of the pictures here. And bonus points for anyone who can identify the source of that headline. Big bonus points.

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  1. HEADLINE: Julie Walters as Rhona (from VICTORIA WOOD, I think) … (-: Have I earned arse privileges? :-p

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