Now, we love Ethpain…


We love the tortilla espanola, we love the stampy flamenco, we love the sangria, we love the beaches, we love the architecture, we love the weather, we love the fact they are the fattest people in Europe after the Brits, we love the deep-fried foods, we love the siesta and the fiesta, we love our friend Juan, we love Luz Casal, we love Penny Cruz and all who sail in her, we love Almodovar (especially the early ones), we love the King, we love horchata, we love pipas, we love Carlos Saura movies, we love Federico Garcia Lorca… But we DON’T love the cruelty to animals. 

Mad for it they are, whether it’s chucking donkeys off churches, running bulls through streets, setting fire to ears of things… 

And while we don’t like Catalonia – the bit of Spain with Barcelona in it – half so much (yes, the architecture is beautiful but the people are a little sniffy for our liking), we do like the fact that they have today become the first Spanish region to ban bullfighting.

Sombreros off to them, say we. Oh, and those shots up there? Bruce Weber celebrating the latest hot (midget) bullfighter from Spain. *bats flamenco fan very quickly against breast to communicate displeasure*

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