Gags has been VF-ed!

That's Lady Miss GaGa to you!

It’s rare that Vanity Fairy put a music star on the cover. Oh, yes it is. It is, we tell you. *fingers in ears* is is is is is is is is is.

They put movie stars or vintage Americans like Jackie O (no, not the club down Mykonos, the late ex-First Lady) and Grace Kelly and John F. Kennedy and some other Kennedys. Occasionally, it might be a Princess Diana.

But here is Gags, with grey nail varnish. Surely her most shocking outfit to date!

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One comment to “Gags has been VF-ed!”

  1. Oh, honey … less of the platinum! The “ageing Italian woman” look will find you — you don’t need to find it. :-o

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