Pyjama party? At Paramount? Only if we can bring Manky Bear.

Bottoms and chins up!

Whilst many will think this is French and Saunders’s latest parody of Kylie and Dannii Minogue – the first, of course, being the prophetic Lucky Bitches – it is in fact the picture we are using to illustrate our story about Circus’s Pyjama Party.

Pyjama Party you say? Surely it can’t be done!

Oh but it can. This Saturday-cum-Sunday morning (we once used ‘-cum-‘ in an article that was sent to an American editor who swiftly came back with the editorial equivalent of a kick up the cunt. ‘Cum? Cum? This isn’t Penthouse!’ But really) Jodie Harsh-cum-chums are down the ‘Mount for their monthly residency, and this time they’ve come over all sleepover-y. The good kind with boys ‘n’ stuff.

So, you know, like, naked Twister and shots of Pitron and bedtime stories with Scottee and go-go dancers and DJ sets from Filthy Dukes, Kris di Angelis and Jodie Harsh and drag queen pillow fights and probably c) and d).

Any and The Who, it’s at Paramount on top of Centre Point tomorrow (Sat-cum-Sun), from 10pm till 4.30am; £11 in advance from here, £10 in advance from Unconditional, 16 Monmouth Street, London’s glittering Covent Garden – or 15 smackers on the door.

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2 comments to “Pyjama party? At Paramount? Only if we can bring Manky Bear.”

  1. Can you let us know what Manky bear will be wearing so we don’t turn up identical, like last time.

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  2. I must say it’s a very cool club with great views.

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