Jude Law and his well ‘ard accent


Jude Law’s gone a bit ooh er for Dior Homme, presumably in an effort to flog their clobber or smell or both.

In these promotional snipettes of a forthcoming film by Guy Ritchie, in which Guy Ritchie has stepped away from his comfort zone, Jude Law can be seen playing some sort of gangster wide-boy in linen so crisp you could shave with it, talking with a ‘Let’s all go down to the Strand, have a banana’ accent.

Handily, there are subtitles. Which have been a godsend really, because at one point, in Snipette #2, a sound comes out of Jude Law’s mouth which has had us up all night. Turns out it’s this:

‘Woo woo woo woo.’


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  1. What the fuck is he on about?

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