Is Lorenzo Martone the new Mme. de Pompadour?


And no, we’re not talking hair. We’re talking about making a career out of going out with the famouses. The gay famouses at that.

First it was Marc ‘I’ve got a body and I’m going to use it’ Jacobs and now, before the Parker pen ink has dried on the marriage licence, it is revealed that he has been dating – for ‘dating’ read ‘doing’ – Lance Bass off-of… a boy band? Can’t really remember who he is so maybe Lorenzo is trading down with that one.

Anyway, henceforth and from now on, or until fresh bumchummin’ is found, the pair will be known as ‘Lo-La’. And whatever Lo-La wants, Lo-La gets.

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2 comments to “Is Lorenzo Martone the new Mme. de Pompadour?”

  1. I don’t think Mme de Pompadour had quite as big a bulge in her Speedos. I may be wrong.

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  2. ugh. i hate tatoos…. so 1998.

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