Would you be prepared to eat food served by this woman?

Crazier than your average bed bug

Because the ladies and germs off-of Glee are going to have to! Else Jamie Oliver will throw Mockney phlegm at them, and who wants to see that? The gay one will just hold his breath till he passes out, but not before a flick of the hair. Like this. 

Yes, Glee fanbase-which-we-believe-is-static-to-dwindling, Susan Boyle off-of Britain’s Got Talent (we’ll be the judge of that) is to don a nice nylon overall and a hairnet and serve up pizza and chips to the talented teens in a Christmas spesh. We bet there will be dancing on the tables.

Those crazy kids!

*finds grey pube in Bisto gravy*

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One comment to “Would you be prepared to eat food served by this woman?”

  1. Desperation. On everyone’s part.

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