Kate Winslet’s bum-chum

You go out with Kate, you fly...

Oh hello.

We have a lot of time for Kate Winslet. And now we find we have even more time for her new boyfriend, Louis Dowler. He is a model and he comes from Britain, which is in England somewhere.

‘Boyfriend’ may be a bit presumptuous – but apparently all it takes for a rumour to become fact is to be seen riding a bike next to the bloke you’re supposed to be schtumpin’, just so long as he is smart for town in shorts and Nike Airs.

Have you noticed this story is going absolutely nowhere?

*eye-balls workie; workie understands, perfectly*

Whilst workie – let’s call him Tilly – goes off to find some other pictures to illustrate this fascinating piece, we’ll just point out that Louis Dowler has small nipples and a beard you could perhaps chew on.

*Tilly hands over piece of paper*

Oh, well look at this… a quote!

‘Louis is not your typical model. Not all big-headed.’

Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen and undecided.

Now for some other pictures. One is pretty much the same as that one up there, only less wasted space, one is sort of arm-pitty, and the other is him in leather picking at his nails. Just so there are no nasty surprises… 

Faster faster faster faster...! Back itch...? Oh.
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2 comments to “Kate Winslet’s bum-chum”

  1. Isn’t it funny how people in America go jogging topless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man jogging topless in London.

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  2. I like a big headed bum-chum myself.

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