Dawnie’s back! Lock up your Snickers bars!

Thank god it's Friday

HRH Dawn French is back on the telly! *street parties break out spontaneously, someone opens a bottle of poppers, someone else mixes a Snowball*

The show – for it is a show, a series of shows even – is called Roger and Val Have Just Got In. Dawnie plays Val. Alfred Molina plays someone else.

And it was Dawn French’s idea: ‘I wanted to do something with one other actor, on one set, set in real time, exploring a marriage for that first half an hour when someone gets home from work,’ sayeth Dawn. Which makes us think it’s going to be a bit like a middle class Royle Family.

It’s on Her Majesty’s BBC2 this Friday at 10pm but you can see a bit of a preview (not a very promising one, we’re afraid) over the jump.  Oh, and don’t miss Joanna ‘Patsy’ Lumley on Mistresses starting tonight.

End of public service message.

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  1. I sorrr this … hard sell!

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