Must-see telly: The Princess Royal (that’s the rebranded Princess Anne) at 60! But where did her children get those chav estuary accents?

Gawd bless yer ma'am

Yes, Princess Anne – seen here nipping down the corner shop for a pint of milk and 10 Embassy Regals – is to be 60! *drops deep curtsey which is largely ignored*

And in a lovely bit of telly viewing coming up on HMBBC2 this Thursday, you can see a documentary about her featuring the gorgeous Zara and Peter Philips – not Prince and Princess or Lord and Lady, because that’s the kind of down-with-the-kids mum PA is.

See a little snippet here, marvel at how ordinary Zara especially sounds, and make sure you wear something nice when you watch it.

Oh, and remember don’t speak until you’re spoken to. Ever.

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