Pepe jeans? Do people still wear those?

Now coming to you in radical black and white.

Answer that if you like.

This is the new campaign for Pepe Jeans London (full name). Starring Alexa Chung, whose name is impossible to say without adding, ‘Don’t get what all the fuss is about’. Go on, try it.

Try it.


We were at a do recently and Alexa Chung was there. We thought she was one of the hired help. We even asked her if there were any more fairy cakes (we absolutely, utterly refuse to say the words ‘cup cake’). She looked at us, how shall we say, with disdain. She’s just some bird off the telly with a centre parting and ill-fitting clothes, right? 

But what’s, like, really funny is this was the second time we confused her for hired help. The first time she was wearing what can only be described as an apron. It’s not our fault we thought she worked for Kiehl’s. And they’re normally so liberal with the samples.

You may have noted two words in the preceding two paragraphs were italicized. We know.

Also starring in this advert is Jon Kortajarena, Cortina for short (didn’t you just love a Cortina! Unassuming, they were…) off-of hair, plus some other bloke.

No idea what it all means but it’s forcing us to believe it.

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