The Airline Diva meets… erm, Barry Manilow

Dollies on parade

It’s like a dream come true for Jet Blue’s Steven Slater (no relation to Stacy Slater off of EastEnders, but do please notice that ‘v’ in a name that would ordinarily be spelled ‘Stephen’! How zippy!), who this time last week was dispensing small bags of… let’s just call them mini-pretzels, asking if we wanted tea or coffee and banging the duty free trolley into sleeping passengers’ ankles.

‘It’s like a dream come true!’ he said (probably) while backstage with Barry Manilow, apparently receiving the ‘VIP treatment’. We’ve seen that Barry Manilow ‘VIP treatment’ in action, backstage at his Las Vegas show: stand in line, get 10 seconds of Baz being ‘charming’, get the shot done and fuck the hell off. Mind you, he was nice enough to do a special request of ‘Could It Be Magic’, seeing as during our interview in his dressing room we’d mentioned it was our favourite song of his (apart from Dusty Springfield’s version of ‘Sandra’, of course. But of course).

In related news from the celebrity/fan interface, did anyone notice Angelina Jolie cleansing her hands on an industrial strength Swarfega infused Wet Wipe after meeting fans at the London premiere to Salt last night? No? Just us then.

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  1. I am Your Child by Dusty is a great Barry tune as well.

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