We did ask them to douche

*hands over wet wipe*

True Blood. Sounds familiar.

Yesterday, someone was watching that awful Dannii Minogue: Style Queen (we’ll be the judge of that) show. Which is. Just. Aw.




This someone of whom we speak said, ‘Dannii? There’s a sister?’

It gave us hope.

Any and several whores, this is Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Now you know we’re not ones to show off, but we’ve done *counts* all of ’em.


All of ’em. The first one was especially especial, so much so we went back.

After the Lady McJump, we have the same picture as up there, only without the coverlines. Now that’s industry speak for the lines they put on front covers to help sell them. Esoteric, you might agree.

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3 comments to “We did ask them to douche”

  1. Alexander Skarsgard is my television husband.

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  2. It just shows you that it’s not what you do it’s when in art. I sent a very similar picture to Tony Hart in 1982 and was arrested. Honestly, time is our biggest hypocrite.

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