Does this mean we have to like him now?

That's better.

Well bugger us sideways, Andy Murray off-of anger has had an America’s Next Top Model makeover courtesy of good lighting, a touch of base, and Mario Testino.

He’s good that Mario. He took our picture three times, but we haven’t told him yet.

Andy Murray is here seen in the pages of American Vogue’s September issue, which is the chunky one. He is in his garage at his £5million house in London’s glittering Surrey, and he is wearing the weighted vest he uses for training. It actually looks quite nice. We’d wear it out. We’d wear it in. Heck, we’d shake it all about.

Andy is happy with the results, so much so it is now his Grindr profile.

‘Just seen the new American Vogue which I’m in!’ he twatted on a Tweet. ‘Shoot was good fun. What do you reckon?!’

Dead words.

Pumps? With a dinner jacket? *doesn't know where to look*
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3 comments to “Does this mean we have to like him now?”

  1. I could not be less interested in this ginger Scwottish chump if I tried *tries* see, told you

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  2. oh go on then. i’ll have a little go on it if i must.

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  3. Yawn – he is so boring!!! At least they got him to shave – he always looks a mess on the court!! Miserable shite!

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