The steroids will get you in the end…

Eh, eh, eh!

Let’s start the day off with a very bad loser. On ‘roids. No doubt.

To set the scene, we are at a Mexican bodybuilding competition (where else?) and one young musclespunk in blue panties does not like not coming first. He tears up his prize certificate and then jumps down to sock it to the judges. In his blue panties. Did we mention those?

The moment to look out for is when he picks up a chair to knock someone out with… then thinks better of it.

Over the jump for all the blue panties (did we mention those?) action…

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One comment to “The steroids will get you in the end…”

  1. id translate but you cant hear anything jsut the crowd screaming ‘ulero….shole which is short for culero=asshole

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