Warning! Naked lady! Female lady at that!


Too late.

This is Gail Porter off-of alopecia, recreating that Houses of Parliament pose from ten years ago. ‘Member? FHM beamed her naked onto the Houses of P? ‘Member?

We were drunk at the time and thought it was a poppers-related blur in our left eye. Either that or the Second Coming, which is not unlike the first in that it will never. Ever. Happen.


Apparently we’re supposed to like Gail Porter just because she went bald. Sympathy or pity or one of those words people bandy about when they can’t think of anything else to say. Admittedly it’s been a while because we severed all contact at the first glimpse of our reflection on the top of her head, but in ye olde days we found Gail Porter a whole lot of rude. Maybe the alopecia’s mellowed her – a rude can change its spots – but really, none of this is any excuse for a) the tattoos and b) getting naked all over again. No-one needs to see that. Or it.

Apparently, she’s now ‘comfortable in her own skin.’

Well bully for you, lady. Just keep it to yourself next time. 



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3 comments to “Warning! Naked lady! Female lady at that!”

  1. I’m ten years older and look tons better naked than that. Sheesh.

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  2. Will this woman also please stop bugging the gays. That’s ‘bugging’, not ‘buggering’. That’s someone else’s job.

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  3. Your attitude is fucking horrendous. I hope you faceless bastards fall down the cracks of your life – never to be helped.

    That girl has been through enough. No wonder your site is bollocks.

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