What a strange thing it is, this new Guy ‘Nicole’ Ritchie/Judith Law film for Dior?

Hello? Wong Ki? It'll be the Shanghai meal for two please.

Here he is! Dame Judi Law coming over all strong (is it us or is he getting very Callum Best? And not in a good way!) on the telephone to someone threatening him. It wasn’t us! We have alibis in place and everything.

It’s part of a new Dior campaign shot by Lady Madonna herself, Guy Ritchie, director of Dame Jude in that Sherlock Holmes movie, you might remember.

It features our hero getting dressed while on a very old telephone in a hotel with a lady with too much eye make-up on and then… we sort of lost interest after the first couple of minutes (it’s five fricking minutes long! What is it with adverts these days! That one for Estrella beer that goes on longer than an episode of Hollyoaks in the pictures!).

Mind you, we will quibble with the line, ‘You know where I’ve been,’ because we don’t think that we do quite know where he’s been.

Feel free to watch the whole thing after the jump, sponsored by Chanel…

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  1. Oh God she’s so dull. Her acting makes me so scare, so terrify. Me and Notting Me.

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