He has been brought in to give CNN a ‘sharper edge’

Not now, thanks.

Piers Morgan, who has had the cheekbones bred out of him, is, after all that hoo-ha, replacing Larry King on CNN.

What a lot of commas!

This will have very little effect on our lives, seeing as CNN is just Jackanory with more fight scenes and the only reason we’ve ever happened across it is so we can get a chill down our coccyx when James Earl Jones pipes up – but we do find ourselves scoffing at the reason being given for Piers Morgan replacing Larry King on CNN.

Piers Morgan is replacing Larry King on CNN?

It is to give the show a ‘sharper edge’.

Which is like bringing in Kylie Minogue to give a gospel choir a bit of umph.

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  1. He’s got twat written all over him.

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