This story is about Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. But it’s really about Oprah Winfrey’s arse.

Which one's Fergie?

Sarah Ferguson is starring in her own reality show. 

Now luckily for us, the Daily Mail has explained who Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York is. 

Elizabeth II? Where'd the first one go?

And here was us thinking she was one of The Supremes.

(NB. Britain’s Prince Andrew? Has it really come to this?)

Next they’ll be telling us the couple divorced amicably in 1996 after ten years of marriage, and have two grown children.

Who you calling grown? *has a funny turn*

The show, called Finding Sarah, will air on Oprah Winfrey’s new TV channel at the beginning of 2011.

Here’s the quote:

‘With the help of Dr. Phil…’ oh we can’t be arsed with the rest. It’ll just be a whole load of patronising bollocks.

Back to Oprah (did we ever really leave?). Oprah’s new TV channel is called the Oprah Winfrey Network. The acronym for that is OWN.

Oprah Winfrey totally shat her pants in class when she was a kid.

And therein lies our arse reference.

*eats a cashew*

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4 comments to “This story is about Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. But it’s really about Oprah Winfrey’s arse.”

  1. …meanwhile her Royal Duchessnessess knees will be starring in their own spin off tv reality tv series on tv, entitled ‘Nellie and Neil the Dutchessess naughty knees’
    As you can see from the attached pic Nellie and her tittypoos and Neil with his fat blokey chin are poised to take America’s very own USA by storm with their naughty royal antics, which will undoubtedly net her Royal Dutchessness a purse of monies*…and then some.
    *On both of these characters she bagged her prince in the first place.

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  2. In that photo her shoe makes her foot look like a trotter. A pig’s trotter. How odd.

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  3. Finding Sarah or Finding Nemo?

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  4. How is she going to squander any of that money? Stay tuned for a spin-off, trashy reality show.

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