Compare and contrast these two pop stars, if you will

What a pair!

One is fascinating and unusual. One is wearing Auntie Jean shoes.

One took four Don’t Ask Don’t Tell heroes to the VMA Awards. One took her phony boyfriend who now makes a living pretending to be drunk and drugged when he’s actually an AA bore.

One produced a video for her last song to celebrate the gay love her friends feel for each other. One said the video was ‘blasphemous’.

One went on Ellen yesterday to give the numbers people needed to ring to officially object to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. One said in an interview with us that she didn’t want to talk about Russell or the marriage because she had an album to sell right now.
One is Lady Gaga. One is a thick, tiresome, spoilt girl (who needs a lie down before she can be interviewed because we don’t understand how hard she works!) who thinks she’s wild and crazy because she has some blue streaks in her hair. 

Take your pick.

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3 comments to “Compare and contrast these two pop stars, if you will”

  1. It’s talent versus mediocrity, see. And I don’t care what Camille Paglia said about Lady G in the Times (I don’t buy the Times. Murdoch trash, natch. But I saw it somewhere on the interdolly. I felt the need to explain).
    Anyway, I’m still drunk after our communal Scott Maslen drinking session (see earlier).

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  2. I do not get the Katy Perry thing. She’s obviously one of those American girls who thinks she’s so damn wacky because she once went down Camden Market and bought some Krazzee Kolor and then went home and prayed to Jesus for forgiveness.

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  3. ONE gets my vote. ONE doesn’t. No need to guess – it’s obvious!

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