Wherever he lays his hat, that's our home

So, X Factory runner up Olly Murs said that if he ever got a number one, he’d pose naked. This is not naked.

It seemed unlikely he’d have to come up with the goods on that deal, especially when the record was released, but since the record buying public really will buy whatever they’re told, Mr. Murs was duty bound to get his knickers off. But are we pleased he did?

He explains in Heat magazine, who cleverly held Olly bang to rights *giggles. ‘bang’*, that he didn’t work out before the shoot but did have a spray tan (obvious if you look around the knee area) and put some Veet on his nipples to get rid of the hair.

We thought we would like this. We are now not sure we do. Maybe it’s that funny chicken pose.

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  1. Joe you left your hat here. Willy Young your next.

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  2. […] because he’d promised to get naked and not cover up his business end with a hat. You know, this one. And it’s taken from a show called Olly Murs: Revealed. We really will be the judge of […]

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