So we’re half-way through a demi-wave in preparation for the Pope Protest, but in the meantime…


Could they BE any cuter? 

Don’t you just HATE it when people do that?

And when we get a moment, we’ll be writing a scathing piece about that piece of morning shite (morning shites. Talk about your Bay of Pigs!) they call DayBreak, which is not only utter bollocks (we just got off the phone to our mum who, if you’re interested, is off to Anglesey. There’s just something about her that brings out the blue in us) but they also seem to find it acceptable to have as their ‘house band’, Four Poofs and A Piano. And the Northern Irish one with the voice that strips wallpaper and the face that sinks ships finds it acceptable to say things like, ‘Oh, I wonder what the Poofs think about that!’, ‘Over to the Poofs,’ ‘Hello Poofs,’ that sort of thing.

Unless you’re going to go all equal opportunities and have a ‘house band’ called Four Niggers and a Harmonica and make asides like, ‘Oh, I wonder what the Niggers think about that,’ we find this offensive and reprehensible. 

And what a nice message to send out the kids on their way to school… ‘But Miss, that Northern Irish bird off the telly calls people poofs!’

Oh, looks like we scathed after all.  

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