The Pope’s mad? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Lady Mac

Someone at the Vatican is clearly bumming someone senior at the BBC in light of their dubious, dangerous and sycophantic coverage of the Pope’s visit (barely a mention of the protest – AKA The Protest – yesterday, which had the whole of Piccadilly fit-to-bursting with the great and the good and the sane yet you’d think the Pope was the baby Jesus himself the way Her Majesty’s Beeb is going on about him. Honestly, anyone who’s anyone knows the Pope is just the Devil in Prada), but we take heart that we (AKA The Great and the Good and the Sane. Do keep up) have the great and the good and the sane on our side.

Take Sir Dame Lady Ian Mac, here seen sporting his Some People Are Gay, Get Over It! fitted T at The Protest’s finale on Whitehall, where clever people told it as it is and lambasted the Catholic Church for its relentless crusade of evil. We particularly enjoyed Richard Dawkins not mincing his words, and just out of shot you will be able to see the genius who is John Waters. Who indeed had a spring in his step. Tracey Ullman was also mincing around but we get the feeling she’d just had tea at the Wolseley and got caught up in the moment.

So, in our corner, we have people like Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins and Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman and sanity and The Gays (most of ’em. Some Gays Are Stupid, Get Over It!).

The dirty corner has Susan Boyle and David Cameron who, apparently, is not only our Prime Minister, but a cunt. You can’t make this shit up! Which is ironic seeing as the Catholic Church makes everything up.

Oh, and our Award for Best Banner goes to *drum roll*…

‘Abstinence makes the church grow fondlers’.

*hands over an Ivor Novello* 

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3 comments to “The Pope’s mad? Is the Pope a Catholic?”

  1. This makes me proud to be British and an atheist.
    *and did those feet, in ancient time… etc*

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  2. Does the Pope shit in the woods?

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  3. Is a bear Catholic?

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