Is that a powdered wig on Robbie Williams’ head? No, it’s a, erm, dog

It brings out the, erm, in your, errr

Robbie ‘the Robster’ Williams, who we have a surprising amount of time for considering how very busy we are, is wearing his dogs. Fur protesters be still. The dogs are not dead – whacked against a wall and skinned alive by the dirty Chinese fur-mongers: we’ve all seen that video thanks to Heather Mills formerly McCartney – but just sitting on his head. 

‘The press continually do the same story,’ he says. What, ‘Kylie steps out of house!’? No. ‘The headline that should be – ‘Guy That Used To Be Young Gets Progressively Older ..’, ‘Hair Turns A Different Colour’, etc etc. So I was just trying out different colours to see what would suit me if I dyed my hair, using the dogs as colour pods.  I think there could be a new website in there somewhere where people send pictures of themselves with their dogs as wigs.’

Well, we are all for it. Jump the jump to see Rob in more doggie dos…
That's very Julie Christie in Darling! The George Clooney Silver Fox Smart for town!

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