She glows in the dark!

Pink the cat

This is Pink. She is pink.

Where’d the name come from?

Pink is now rolling with her homies down the RSPCA in Swindon after someone dyed her pink and threw her over a garden fence.

Who throws cats over garden fences these days? Also *pause* if you were a cat and had just been ‘thrown over a garden fence’, would you just sit there with a look on you our face that says, ‘I’ve just been thrown over a garden fence. I’m pretty pissed off right now’? No, you’d go and find some Iams to nibble on, a leaf to lick, a ring to protect, that sort of thing.

Pink – still working out the name – was dyed pink in what people are referring to as ‘a prank’. It is a prank rather than a yobbish deed because Pink was dyed pink (really, answers on a postcard…) in a ‘conscientious manner’. Possibly by Toni and or Guy.

‘Pink has been dyed very evenly and the person has taken care to ensure it did not get in her eyes or mouth so I think it may have been done professionally,’ said Ms Gillespie who is not, despite what people are suggesting, married.

She is the most brightly coloured cat Ms Gillespie has ever seen in her nine years picking up cats who are waiting patiently next to fences.

And you’ve LIKESO got to see this picture of Pink after the jump.

ps. Miaow.

pps. Miaow.

Pink the cat

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  1. If there IS such a thing as a ‘professional’ cat dyer I’m willing to bet half my wardrobe he’s a gay

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  2. I want one!

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  3. A pink pussy on a gay blog – never thought I’d see the day. LOL. What’s next? A shaved beaver?

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