The Social Network: a mini review

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It is the movie of the year! Ask Rolling Stone who called it *checks research* ‘The movie of the year!’ – told you! – then, rather confusingly, gave it four stars!

Anyways and hows and whos, we saw this movie last night in security so tight we had to get there an hour early, submit our mobiles to be put in an airport-style plastic bag and kept and have a full body search (not cavity, just body)! American Airlines security has nothing on these guys.

To the film: starting off with a conversation between this guy in the poster (the one who invented Facebook – or The Facebook as it was originally known! You learn something every day!) and a girl, which might be the most irritating start to a movie OF ALL TIME, things pick up when this guy in the poster starts inventing cool internet things to piss off the twattish students at Harvard.

Bottom line is… some posh hot twins (who we get to see in rowing Lycra – and who turn out to be played by the same person) get this guy in the poster to invent Facebook for them. After stalling them, he does invent Facebook, but… for himself!

Facebook goes from strength to strength, Justin Timberlake who invented Napster (who knew!) gets on-board (very fine acting as an utter arsehole!) and Spiderman, who put all the money up, gets written out of the story.

So it’s back and forth, between the legal proceedings, where you learn just what it’s like to be screwed out of your business (honey, we’ve been there. It ain’t no fun at all) while dodging back to the events as they unfurl.

We found it to be NOT the movie of the year, but very enjoyable nonetheless. We would probably hazard three stars. Maybe even three and a half. Our Movie of the Year (with five stars!) is Undertow. But it’s Peruvian. You can’t have it all. Which, ironically, is the main theme to the movie.

Just a couple of things about The Social Network. 1. It’s directed by David Fincher, who did Fight Club and Seven. 2. It stars the English actor Andrew Garfield, the new Spiderman. And 3. How does anyone make seven billion dollars out of Facebook? Where’s the money come from?

While you think about it, see the trailer for The Social Network (or Social Network as we’ve decided it should be called) here.

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  1. What next? The story behind the invention of the Mouli Mini Whisk?

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