Mr England 2010 went ‘from homo, to hunk’.

Mr England 2010

Oh wait one bottom bumming minute, he went from hobo to hunk. Hobo. Not homo, hobo.

Who’d be a hobo when you can be a homo?

So this, ladies and germs and undecided and dollies, is Mr England 2010. He be called Vaughan Bailey and he be someone we don’t find particularly attractive. But then we have to be nice to him because he won an award for being a former hobo. He even slept on benches and relied on handouts from friends.

‘Now modelling agencies are paying for me to stay in five-star hotels and to drink in the swanky bars.

‘Its beyond my wildest…’

That’s where we lost interest.

Apparently, Disney World is just magical.

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One comment to “Mr England 2010 went ‘from homo, to hunk’.”

  1. He ain’t all that. Had better. Having better as I type come to think of it.

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