Guess which son-of-a-famous this is!

You’ll never guess, but guess anyway.

A clue: his dad’s an actor/politician whose surname is Schwarzenegger.

Yes, it is the living son of Arnold Schwartzenegger. His name is Patrick. His mother is Maria Shriver, who is a Kennedy (that’s why he’s called Patrick, no doubt, and not a name from his father’s side like Hans, Nils or Boompsedaisy). He is 17. And this is him captured coming back from a yoga class.

Yoga at 17? Whatever next?

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3 comments to “Guess which son-of-a-famous this is!”

  1. What is the age of consent these days? 16 right? Still very wrong though, even with those abs

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  2. Ooo! Yes. I would. Thx! It’s legal. And he does look like a Kennedy — those are some overpowering genes the K’s possess.

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  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Karen Krizanovich, KKatShowbizi. KKatShowbizi said: Those boys at Me Me Me TV incorrigible, but yes, he does look like a Kennedy & he has a non-Austrian name. […]

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