Our favourite sentence from Downton Abbey so far?

It was Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham (aka Maggie Smith channeling pure DAME Maggie Smith), while at dinner with some middle-class people, who were talking about their weekly routine, mentioning that they had more time at the weekend. Over to DMS: ‘What is a ‘weekend‘?’

How much are we loving DA, as it’s known around certain parts of north London? That was a question, and not a rhetorical one.

We are certainly looking forward to more gay carryings-on next week courtesy of Liam off-of Coronation Street, known around DA parts as footman Thomas.

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3 comments to “Our favourite sentence from Downton Abbey so far?”

  1. The BEST actress in the last hundred years. She could read the phone book and I would be enthralled!!

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  2. Despite an ad break every two sentences, I’m actually rather enjoying this. And I think Liam off-of Corrie makes a damn good gay.

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  3. […] The cock shots are after the jump. Our lawyer, also known as Noodle the Cat, told us to tell you at this point that these cock shots are ‘not suitable for work’. To which we said, ‘Weekend? What is a weekend?’ […]

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