The Pope is bad for the environment – official!

Pope Benny, caught here cooking up a very unenvironmental storm, cost the Department of the Environment £3.7 million. How’s that for money well spent?

It was deemed (don’t you love it when it is deemed?) that the cost of paedo-enabler Benedict’s visit to these fair shores should be spread across various government departments. You know, like education, because the Pope is all about education. He can’t get enough of it. A right pig for it, he is.

But the funniest of all is that the environment department had to cough up nearly £4 million! For why? For because he said, and we quote: ‘The Holy See also looks forward to exploring with the United Kingdom new ways to promote environmental responsibility, to the benefit of all.’

That’s *counts* 23 words. 3.7 million divided by 23 *uses calculator for extra reliability*. The Pope cost the department supposedly looking for ways to stop the sky falling in (seeing as God has lost all interest) £160,869.56 per word for that inspiring comment.

*lights a bonfire to celebrate value for money in general*

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