According to Vince Vaughan (in a movie) electric cars are gay!

It’s from a film – well, we call it a film – called The Dilemma and it appears as the very first sentence in the trailer to what we’re loosely calling a film. Vince Vaughan (honey, what did Jennifer Aniston ever see?) is doing a presentation about how he can make electric cars seem more rock ‘n’ roll, so he starts his pitch, ‘Electric cars are gay. Not homosexual gay but…’ Yeah, you’ve heard it all before. And this language he’s prepared to use in front of Queen Latifah (oh, is she still not out?)! Worse still, Queen Latifah tells him his words give her – and we quote – ‘lady wood’.

And god bless the silver fox that is Anderson Cooper, American, what is he? A newsreader?  …for calling that particular language out (if you’ll excuse the expression). ‘I just find those words, those terms – we’ve got to do something to make those words unacceptable ’cause those words are hurting kids.’

*stands up and salutes, with more than one body part*

Oh, and the trailer? See it here.


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2 comments to “According to Vince Vaughan (in a movie) electric cars are gay!”

  1. Evey man and his bull knows Vince Vaughn’s a cock. And I know he’s just reading from a script, but that does nothing to detract from the fact that he’s a cock. And the script’s cack. And the film’s utter crap. And Queen Laqueefah needs to get a grip and have some balls to not be any part of this drivel.

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  2. Saw this in the cinema and though the same thing the second I heard. That anyone would keep dialogue like that in a film in this decade just shows that it’s really not worth your £12, or even the space on your LoveFilm queue. Always found Vince to be a nice guy, actually, but he’s obviously lost it.

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