The aggressive approach


Shouting, amongst other things, makes you hoarse. Just ask Lulu.

These ladies and ladies are shouting, ‘Fuck hate!’, but in down-with-the-kids talk, which makes it FCKH8. And who are we to argue with fucking? And they’re doing it in quite a shouty fashion. And who are we to argue with fashion?

If you can make it through all the shouting, you’ll find a half-bummable bloke, a child saying ‘Fuck!’ which is just shocking *lies down, drinks a tap water* and a whole bunch of very irritating people. You’ll also find they’ve nicked the ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It!’ thing. Which is very nice of them but you know what’s nicer? A cheque.

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2 comments to “The aggressive approach”

  1. Meh, trying too hard for attention. Much prefer the Stonewall approach.

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  2. Great post. Greetings from the Speedy DNS.

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