Oh, look, it’s our new favourite movie (until Burlesque)

Any movie that includes more than two of the following has our vote:

1). A hot surfer dude room-mate who walks around naked the whole time.

2). A hot surfer dude room-mate who is trying to get flexible enough to give himself a blow job.

3). A chick who says (of surfer dude room-mate), ‘He sounds like a fucking ass-tard.’ Ass-tard is our mot du jour today.

4). A cute gay leading man/boy.

5). Greg Araki on the credits as director.

6). Lots of kittens.

This film here, called Kaboom, has five out of those six. Watch the trailer (maybe not at work) and find out which five.


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Oh, look, it's our new favourite movie (until Burlesque), 7.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Ah, the gay man-child of Terminator and part-time cheerleader groupie. Entirely fuckable.

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