After 17 years of not being able to express their homosexuality – not even through the medium of contemporary dance! – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell turns out to be unconstitutional. Well, we could have told you that

We know those old wheels of justice move along at their own pace, but 17 years does seem a mighty long time for a Supreme Court judge to decide that President Clinton’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy is unconstitutional.

Apart from standing in a citizen’s right to pursue ‘a penis’ (or ‘happiness’ – the difference of just two letters), there’s the thing about free speech that they’re really hot on in America oh and other just general stuff. (Don’t you love a hard-hitting, well-researched article?)

Anyways, judge Virginia Phillips has ordered a halt to the enforcement of DADT, as from right this minute!, but they do like a bit of hokey-cokey in those United States (you know, ‘in, out, in, out, shake it all about’) so don’t imagine for one moment you have heard the last of this.

And what happens if you come out now, and then DADT gets reinstated? As it no doubt will. Hmmm? Then you’re up the brown waterway without the necessary implement to move your canoe in the appropriate direction, aren’t you?

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