A tale of two levels of security

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

What? Oh, sorry. It’s interesting how different celebrities have different ideas about the levels of security required?

On the one hand, we have Justin Timberlake, who turns up to London’s glittering Wolseley, the most celebrity-thick restaurant in all of the land (on our last visit we had Lucien Freud on one side, eating oysters, and Gail Platt off-of Coronation Street on the other, eating hotpot), with no fewer than three burly minders in tow (they sit at another table, close enough to spring, though springing wouldn’t be their Olympic sport of choice).

On the other hand, we have international movie sensation Keira Knightley sat in Mildred’s, the modest but scrummy vegetarian restaurant in glittering London’s Lexington Street, chomping down on tofu treats with no more security than her back vaguely to the room.

And there we have it: some people must get off on being surrounded by big burly blokes. And some people may have a point.

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5 comments to “A tale of two levels of security”

  1. I thought I saw her in there. I recognised her by the shoulder blades.

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  2. American stars are retarded. I should know.

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  3. I’m just surprised she was eating. I worked on the set of one of her films and never saw any evidence that so much as a lettuce leaf had ever passed her lips….

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  4. One is a hot international superstar and the other is keira knightley

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